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The Closing Conference, which was held on 26th March 2024 in the premises of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, had officially ended the project IRinGIFT. The opening speech at the closing conference was given by vice-dean for research, prof. Milan Polakovič. Participants of the conference were informed about activities of the project which helped to reach all goals. The project helped with the financial support of 14 student research projects, engaged industrial partners in the research project and established communication with NTNU. Achieved results of the project were presented by prof. Juma Haydary. More information about Norway grants were presented by Mgr. Katarína Kubalátová from Research Agency. At the Closing conference also prize for the best research project within IRinGIFT framework was given to Bc. Matej Koritár. The subsequent discussion was devoted to the details of award winning project.
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Registration for the closing information conference of the project "Green innovations in student theses and semester projects, IRinGIFT" is now open. Please register for the event at:


The Agenda of IRinGIFT workshop February 22-23, Radison Blu Hotel Trondheim was published
The Agenda can be download here


Students are going to finalize their research work in the second round of research projects within IRinGIFT All 7 student research projects selected in the second round of the IRinGIFT project will be finalized. After successful defense of their project in Bratislava in January, the students will present the results of their research on an IRinGIFT Norway workshop in Trondheim which will be held during February 22-24.

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Visit of STU by NTNU staff Dr. Hamideh Mehdizadeh and Assoc. Prof. Shiplu Sarker from the Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have visited STU Bratislava. Dr. Hamideh Mehdizadeh has participated in a research activity on thermogravimetry TG and differential scanning calorimetry DSC analyses from November 20 to November 25. Dr. Shiplu Sarker participated in project management meetings with Slovak partners and visited laboratories from November 26 to November 29.

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04.12. 2023

Registration to IRinGIFT workshop is now open. Detail information about workshop can be found here. Register for the workshop at

02.12. 2023

Short video presentation of student’s projects has been published. Visit media page

26.09. 2023

The Slovak delegation representing the IRinGIFT project took part in a visit to NTNU in Trondheim, which is a partner organization in the project, between 21.9. and 25.9.2023. The Slovak delegation was represented by Prof. Juma Haydary, Prof. Milan Polakovič and Dr. Ivan Červeňanský, the main aim of the meetings was mainly to discuss the IRinGIFT project and the possibility of organizing a workshop of student projects in Norway. In order to maximize the impact of the visit, Prof. Haydary presented his research in the field of pyrolysis at the Hyfer Festival, as part of the seminar "Chemistry, Industry, Energy" organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering of NTNU. After the seminar, the Department of Chemical Engineering of NTNU organized a tour of the catalysis laboratories led by Prof. De Chen. Subsequently, mutual discussions were held between representatives of the Department of Chemical Engineering NTNU and the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science of NTNU and the delegation representing the IRinGIFT project on the possibilities of cooperation not only within the framework of this project, but also for further scientific and research collaboration. The meeting was attended by Prof. Jens-Petter Andreassen (Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering, NTNU), Prof. Andreas Møllerløkken (Director of the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science), prof. Jana Poplstein Jakobsen, Prof. Hanna Katariina Knuutila, Prof. Hugo Atle Jakobsen and Gro Mogseth. The meeting was followed by an excursion to the laboratories led by Assoc. Prof. Sulalit Bandyopadhyay and a short presentation of his research focusing on battery recycling.
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16.06. 2023

A total of 6 theses were written within the IRinGIFT project in this academic year. This year, the committee of experts selected one thesis to receive the award for the best thesis elaborated in the IRinGIFT project. The prize for the best thesis was awarded to Ing. Matúš Polakovič, who wrote a thesis entitled Purification of ynthesis gas produced by thermo-catalytic gasification of mixed waste. The thesis can be viewed here.
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30.05. 2023

The second call for proposal for student research projects is open now.
Applications are invited between June 15, 2023 12:00 CET and June 25, 2023 12:00 CET.
To apply fill the application form and send a signed scan by email to from Slovakia or to from Norway.

23.05. 2023

On 17th of May 2023, a special workshop on the IRinGIFT project was held as a special section of the 49th SSCHE International Conference. The aim of this workshop was to raise awareness on green technologies and innovation. During the workshop, the professional community was made aware of the specific green innovations that the students have been working on in their projects during the last 5 months. After presenting their achievements, the students answered the questions of the workshop participants, which allowed for a better transfer of the acquired knowledge. The total attendance of the workshop was 47 people from several countries, with a diverse professional representation ranging from students, university teachers and researchers to representatives from industrial practice.
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10.05. 2023

IRinGIFT award for best diploma thesis
Are you a student of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of STU?
Does contribute your Diploma theses to solution of an environmental problem?
Provide your Diploma theses a green innovation in technology?
If yes, your diploma theses can be suggested by the state exam committee to by Awarded by the IRinGIFT price 1000 EUR. All suggested works will be evaluated by a scientific committee and one work will be selected to be awarded by IRinGIFT price.

19.03. 2023

Registration for workshop 'Green innovations in student’s final theses and semestral projects – A special workshop of the 49th SSCHE conference' is open. See call for registration.

2.2. 2023

Students started their research
All 6 student’s research projects selected inside IRinGIFT have started working. Wish a lot of success.
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Evaluation committee decided on submitted student research projects
We received 10 high quality student’s research projects requesting support from IRinGIFT project. In addition two projects, one from Slovakia and one from Norway were the core projects outside the competition. From 10 submitted project inside the competition 4 projects were selected by the evaluation committee for supporting. In total, 6 high innovative projects will be supported in the first round. Congratulations to all successful applicants.
List of submitted and successful projects.


The Opening Conference, which was held on 24th November 2022 in the premises of the Slovak Chemical Library, has officially launched the project IRinGIFT.
More information about Opening Conference can be found here.


The first call for proposal for student research projects is open now.
Applications are invited between November 24, 2022 12:00 CET and December 15, 2022 12:00 CET.
To apply fill the application form and send a signed scan by email to from Slovakia or to from Norway.


Registration for Opening Conference is Norway now open. More information can be found here:


Registration for Opening Conference is now open. More information can be found here:


Basic information about Opening Conference of the project Green innovation in student final theses and semestral projects have been published. More information can be found here:


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